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OAM About Us

Outdoor Adventures Magazine. Originally started as the website for Outdoor Adventures Ministry, Inc founded 1998 in Minnesota as a 501 (c)(3). Over time this website became it’s own media ministry in 2006. We are excited to have recently re-launched this website with a total new design.

Our mission continues; to Share the Hope and Truth of the gospel of grace (The Good News) in Jesus Christ plus nothing. This unique website is focused on sharing His word through the common love of nature, hunting, fishing, nature, acts of kindness through service opportunities and outdoor activities.

From our humble beginnings, Outdoor Adventures Magazine, LLC has evolved to become a forum for all to share their passion for adventure and nature. We feature wholesome content that promotes the stewardship of his creation and reverence, that extends an invitation to all in an effort to promote and spread our message.


About us – In the Community

Outdoor Adventures Magazine, LLC provides a venue for outdoor enthusiasts to gather and share their faith, exchanging wholesome narratives, tips, tricks, and resources for all things outdoors. We believe in the importance of sharing the “good news” of grace and are committed to finding new and creative ways to do so outside the bounds of a traditional approach. We also make opportunities to reach out to our military through service projects and displaying acts of kindness. OAM provides people from all walks of life with an opportunity to share their stories, experiences, and examples of God’s love for us. We encourage submissions from the non church community  as well as the churched community sharing of hunting, fishing, fitness, nature and outdoor activity articles. Contact our team today for more information about submitting an article for publication in Outdoor Adventures Magazine, LLC.

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