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Nature in the BWCAW is worth saving. What is Sulfide Mining? “This is the most beautiful lake country on the continent. We can afford to cherish and protect it.” Sigurd F. Olson

Bear Country Camping. In light of an upcoming back country fishing trip to British Columbia, Alberta, and Yellowstone, I found these tips from Counter Assault a helpful reminder when in bear country. Hope it helps you on your next trip.READ MORE in safe pdf download>

Stay Safe this season Fight The Bite!

Every year in spring and fall till after a good killing frost.  As a public service Outdoor Adventures Magazine shares important information we have compiled for the outdoor enthusiast about Tick and Mosquito bite protection. Please look at the following links below to articles on this important information you need to know if you spend anytime outdoors. There are many Natural protection options on the market. We recommend using Natural products on your skin. Like Picaridin or Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus. In our experience of decades in the outdoors these work! Permethrin still provides the best protection for the use on cloths only.



Past Nature Features

The following articles have been featured in previous issues of Outdoor Adventures Magazine.

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