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Sponsorship InformationGET SEEN MORE! Are you sure your ad is being seen among the many others on a page, either in print publications or online? Big publications need big money and need to place many high priced ads per page. This means the chances of your business even being reached drops. Is your advertising dollar well spent?

Outdoor Adventures Magazine, LLC has sponsorships available to companies who seek access to outdoor enthusiasts. With our new design we are looking for new advertisers. This is a great place for anyone trying to market to hunters, fishermen, firearms enthusiasts, and the largest demographic in the outdoor industry. The faith based community. With Outdoor Adventures Magazine online, your brand and product will be exposed to a market you may not be reaching through other means.

We offer two distinct levels of sponsorship to fit any budget. Take advantage of  limited quantities.

Our four limited site sponsorships place your ad on each of our 14 pages. We also offer single page sponsorships that can be placed on pages dedicated to specific article types and directed towards a targeted audience.

Our readership has been growing exponentially since our new website re-launched. We have developed a devoted following of faith based and non-faith based sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts that visit our site for its informative articles, daily devotionals, and Christian content. Our message reaches an ever increasing number of avid outdoorsmen around the world each day, and our content from contributors continues to draw new visitors to the site and each individual page; hunting, fishing, firearms education, devotionals, and nature appreciation. You could be apart of this Contact us.

Our Values:

The Why: Change Lives With Hope. The How: Over a decade proven ground breaking resource. The What: Above all we do people come first.

If you believe in our values contact us today for sponsorship information and pricing!

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Outdoor Adventures Magazine, LLC is supported in part through private donations and corporate cooperation. With your help, we are able to spread the message of salvation through Christ to outdoor enthusiasts around the globe, and serve our veterans.

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Our website is only possible due to content submission from our contributors. If you would like to become a content contributor on our website, please Contact us today for more information. Or to support us through donation or sponsorship!