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turkey hunting

The bag of a life time my first bird.  Hi I’m Cole 7, I shot my first bird with my dad. Look at his smile, doesn’t that just make you smile! Way to go Cole and dad Nice Bird! READ MORE in pdf

Dads First Bird. It was eight years ago when I went turkey hunting for the first time. Every spring from that point on I have been in the woods chasing strutting toms around open green fields, through timbered draws, wooded creek bottoms, and across the red dirt of western Oklahoma. Every year since that time I tried to persuade my Dad to let me take him. But he was always to busy with work during this time of the year to go. That was until three years ago when he finally let me take him on his first eastern turkey hunt. By this time I was 22 years old, spending every free moment I had either in a tree stand or chasing turkeys.READ MORE in pdf


Ever had a interest in Trapping? Check out our new article series on this ancient and nearly lost art of trapping with new OAM contributing writer Blake Alma. Blake will inform you with a wealth of insight in this area. With his years of experience and as a published writer you will enjoy his story telling manner in which he shares his talent’s. Enjoy!


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